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Arthur Keef is a talented self-taught photographer and artist currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. Arthur focuses on portraiture, he shoots marvelous beauty, fashion and lifestyle photography. Keef has had an aim of becoming one of the best photographers in the world. With no idea or knowledge about photography he begun taking “youtube classes” to get a better understanding of the craft. With a small loan from his elder sister of about 400$ and some savings he acquired his first camera and begun the long journey of experimentation. He finally landed into Beauty,Glamour,Fashion,Portraiture and Nude photography.

My goal has never been to shoot everyone, my goal is to give my services to those who love and appreciate the work i put out . I am on a long creative journey and this is only the beginning

Today Arthur Keef is one of Kenya’s most sought after photographers for his creative and unique style of photography. Under his belt, he holds several local and international award nominations for his fashion and beauty works. People describe his work as artistic and him as one of the fastest rising stars in the creative world.

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