two-point composition

Jolita Vaitkute (born 1995) is an artist from Lithuania. She uses food and other everyday objects to embody her ideas creating installations, performances and illustrations, mostly portraits. Jolita is especially fond of portraying subjects from pop culture and politics. Reflecting the ever-changing modern world, most of her work is transient in nature, as it either gets eaten up or destroyed in the process.

Two-point composition

The focus is on spatial change and innovation. The main goal of this installation was to provide not only aesthetic satisfaction but also to create emotion and experience.

Looking from the point of the bottom of the library stairs you can observe the figurative composition. It symbolizes the first sketch, the basic geometric shapes that are often used to think about the architecture of the smart city of the future.




The second part of the installation is a bright trail that symbolizes creative inspiration and flow of thoughts. The path was best seen from the balcony on the fifth floor of the library.

The installation for the future city of Lithuania covered almost 100 square meters and was exhibited in the National Library of Martynas Mažvydas.




The installation was made for For Structum Smart City V event.

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