10 simple and minimal alternatives to the imposing and materialistic homes

Sustainability has been running on everybody’s mind. And, with everyone aspiring toward’s eco-friendly and mindful ways of living, tiny homes have completely taken over the world of architecture and cemented their place as sustainable, minimal, and economical micro-living setups. What started off as a cute little trend is now turning into a serious option for home spaces. They are a space-saving and eco-friendly living solution that reduces the load on Mother Earth! They’re simple and minimal alternatives to the imposing and materialistic homes that seem to have taken over. And, we’ve curated a wide range of micro-home setups that totally grabbed our attention. From a prefab tiny home that is a smart mobile unit to a Norwegian wooden tiny home on wheels – there’s a tiny home out there for everyone!

1. The Coodo

A couple of years ago, German entrepreneur Mark Dare Schmiedel got pretty fed up with the chaos of Berlin and decided to move to the countryside, building his own quaint loft along the banks of the River Spree. The peace, calm, and zen that followed, got him wondering whether it would be possible to create a similar, but a mobile form of home, that could provide the same sanctuary to others. In his quest for such a retreat, he came across a mobile home concept designed by a group of Slovenian architects called ‘Coodo’. Schmiedel went on to procure the design rights of the concept, through his company LTG Lofts to Go, and kickstarted the production of the units. The modular homes aim to bring you closer to nature, to a space away from the crowds, where you can truly enjoy the beauty of a moment.

2. Buster

Buster is located in Matamata, just a couple of hours away from Auckland, New Zealand. You will be able to hear the sound of spring river water flowing around you as you’re surrounded by trees, stones, valleys, and basically the joys of nature. It’s located below the Kaimai Range “amongst ancient native bush and farmland”. It is a tiny home perfect for one person or a couple who wants to temporarily or even permanently live in such an area and to have something that is built sustainably and with the environment and your comfort in mind.

3. Tind

David and Jeanette Reiss-Andersen, cofounders of the Oslo-based tiny home company Norske Mikrohus, decided to build an eco-friendly and affordable alternative to the pricier standard-size homes available on the market.” We wanted to create something for people looking for a way out of the rental and mortgage markets—something for those who want easy access to nature and to live with fewer possessions,” said David. And their efforts led to the birth of ‘Tind’ – a beautiful wood-wrapped tiny home built in Norwegian style.

4. Adraga

Called Adraga, the tiny home features an array of sustainability elements including solar panels, rainwater collection, and composting garden beds. As part of a larger series of tiny home on wheels, Adraga is home to a retired couple who just want to disconnect from the busyness of the world.

5. MiniMod

Nestled in the redwood forest of the popular and beautiful Sea Ranch community along the Sonoma, California coastline is a 684-square-foot weekend cabin that was originally designed by the acclaimed Bay Area architect Joseph Esherick. Called MiniMod, this cabin was lovingly restored and refurbished by Framestudio after it was purchased by its creative director Chad DeWitt, and his husband James Cook.

6. N1

Inspired by the modernist architecture of Richard Neutra, Kelly Davis of SALA Architects designed a 500-square-foot, flat-roofed residence that’s defined by its 30-foot-long glass facade. Tiny home building company ESCAPE constructed the prefabricated tiny home called N1 in an effort to design their first midcentury building.

7. Pax

Nestled in the Sailor’s Cove marina in British Columbia is a beautiful tiny floating cottage, that was once upon a time, a boat! Originally, one of the twenty-five boats built in Victoria for the Expo’86, Pax had fallen into disrepair and was lovingly brought to life by Jason and Cayley.

8. Raus’ Cabin

This new compact cabin was built on the grounds of Wehrmühle Biesenthal which is just an hour away from Berlin. The 193-square-foot cabin is made from charred timber, giving it a dark and worn look that lets it blend with the dark tree trunks that surround it.

9. My Cabin

My Cabin is a series of prefabricated structures like a tiny home, a detached office for remote working, and even a sauna. Girts Draugs found all the rest and relaxation he was looking for in tiny, prefabricated homes. Surging in popularity due to stay-at-home orders, tiny homes have been around for a while but only recently took off. Our collective need to head back to nature has prompted many of us to find ways of staying there.

10. The Dodo Van

Juan Alberto Andrade and Maria Jose Váscones Dodo Van

Juan Alberto Andrade and Maria Jose Váscones Dodo Van

The Dodo Van has been designed for a young couple who wants to live in a smaller place. The 1993 Chevy van was actually purchased for work and travel. Inside the van, you can see a full-sized mattress and a kitchenette with a fold-up dining table, and more.

Via: Yanko Design.

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