11 beautiful illustrations of ancient egyptian gods and goddesses

Yliade is a French freelance illustrator who has been creating art from a very young age. This year she challenged herself to create a series of ancient Egyptian gods in her own style.
The artist says she really enjoys working on the designs of each god and tries to respect their attributes and symbolism. From Anubis to Ra – Yliade’s illustrations are simply stunning. Check them out in the gallery below!
More info: deviantart.com | h/t

#1 Bastet – Goddess Of Domesticity, Women’s Secrets, Cats And Fertility

#2 Nut – Goddess Of The Night-Time Sky And All Heavenly Bodies

#3 Isis – Goddess Of Magic, Marriage, Healing And Protection

#4 Anubis – God Of Death, Embalming, Funerals And Morning Ceremonies

#5 Serqet – Goddess Of Scorpions, Healing Venomous Stings And Bites

#6 Seth – God Of Chaos, Change, Deserts, Storms And Foreigners

#7 Thoth – Scribe God Of Time, Knowledge, The Moon And Wisdom

#8 Sobek – Crocodile God Of The Nile, Strenght And Power

#9 Sekhmet – Goddess Of Lions, Fire And Vengeance

#10 Anubis – God Of Death (Ii)

#11 Ra – God Of The Sun And Creation