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“Auvis” is a digital stethoscope that focuses on the diagnosis of osteoarthritis at an early stage in order to prevent the progression of the disease. In addition to organs such as the heart and lungs, the stethoscope is also used to eavesdrop on joints.
Cartilage tissue that is beginning to degenerate – the starting point of osteoarthritis – causes different sounds than healthy cartilage tissue when the joint is moved.

The noises emitted by the damaged cartilage can be recorded with “Auvis” and passed on to the doctor, who will interpret them. Listening to the joints is carried out as part of the patient’s normal preventive examination. During the examination, the doctor can switch between different modes to monitor the heart, lungs or joints.

The separation of the examination tool and the audio piece into a tubeless communication guarantees the necessary flexibility that the doctor needs to eavesdrop on the various body regions. With the help of “Auvis”, osteoarthritis can be diagnosed at an earlier stage.

Designer: Lara Laddey

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“auvis” digital stethoscope