unbearably cute babies

Baby Pictures are one the most fascinating pictures on earth. And I think They are the most photographed subject in the world. As with any photo, finding the right angel or choosing the right perspective will result in an amazing photo. Capturing adorable moments with that innocent smile requires luck and patience.

What happens if you take gorgeous infant girls and dress them as Disney princesses?  Magic, that’s what! Karen Maria, A talented photographer from Belly Beautiful Portraits, Confessed that Disney Princess are among her most favorite themes. She create a special Disney princess tribute and invited 6 baby girls as her models. Valeria Best from Sew Trendy Accessories created special costumes for each model to better capture the essence of princesses they were assigned to. Be prepared for a major cuteness overload because these babies are one of a kind !

These cutie pies look like a bunch of presents packed with a colorful wrapping paper. Each of them is lovely beyond words!

Meet Cinderella and her soon-to-be carriage pumpking. One day she will become a perfect bride.

Surrounded by laces, Flowers and pastel colors, this little princess look like an angel that came from heaven.

Snow White is probably tired from all the walking around the forest and lovely bird- singing. it’s so good to just lie and rest a bit on a bed made of flowers.

Nothing will disturb her magic sleep, not even her cute animal friends.

Coming from the depths of ocean waters, meet ht lovely Little Mermaid and her friend Flounder. What will they do once the princess wakes up?


This young version of Ariel will make good use of that fork of hers. Although, her hairstyle is already impeccable!

Meet Jasmine, a brave princess of unparalleled beauty and intelligence. Right now she’s flying on a magic carpet to see her beloved prince.

She is probably having Arabian Night dreams about sultans and genies right now.

Young Belle is the purest thing on Earth. She is both beautiful and kind, and will never let the Beast’s appearance deceive her.

Her love can conquer anything! The flower will wither, but the curse will be lifted.

This sweet angel is Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty. The name suits her perfectly!

Soon the prince will come and wake her up from the magic sleep, but until then she can rest and dream about castles, fairies, and dragons.


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