a competition of black and white photos

Organizers of the annual zebra Awards aim to find the most interesting black-and-white photos to celebrate the diversity, brightness and emotionality of colorless images taken by photographers around the world.

Photographers with any level of training who have reached the age of 18 are invited to participate in the zebra Awards. Applications are considered in categories: Abstract and Contemporary, Architecture, Fine Art, Landscape and Nature, Nude, People and Animals, Photo Journalism/Documentary Photos.

For each image submitted to the editors of the TJ International Photo and Art Community (TZIPAC), one dollar is charged. In the second stage of the refereeing invite an authoritative jury, and the fee is $20 for competitive work, but not more than 100 dollars when submitting more than five works. The prize for the main winner is $3,000.

The album features photos of the 2020 zebra Awardswinners and finalists.

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