most beautiful metro station in the world

 Metropolitan is not necessarily rats, garbage, noise and dirt. In the world there are metro station, which differ extraordinarily beautiful architecture and artistic interiors. These underground spaces Now More impressive is greater when you consider that architects and designers have to take into account the structural integrity of the walls, the air circulation, high humidity and a lot of other features.

Here is the most beautiful subway from around the world: VIA CAMERALABS

 1. Toledo Metro Station, Naples, Italy

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 1

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 2

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 3Photo by: Mario Laporta

2. Metro Stations Kiev, Mayakovskaya and Victory Park, Moscow, Russia

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 4

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 5

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 6Source: Imgur

3. radhuset subway station, Stockholm, Sweden

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 7Picture Author: Alexander Dragunov

4. Avtovo Metro Station, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 8

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 9

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 10Source:

5. Station University, Naples, Italy

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 11

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 12

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 13Source:

6. Tunnel Bund Sightseeing, Shanghai, China

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 14

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 15

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 16Source:

7. Arts and Crafts Metro Station, Paris, France

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 17

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 18Photo by: RG1033

8. The station Formosa Boulevard, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 19

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 20

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 21Source:

9. Tiled Mosaic at the station of Saint Gellert ter, Budapest, Hungary

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 22Photo by: Gabor Bartali

10. Kungsträdgården subway station, Stockholm, Sweden

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 23

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 24Photo by: A. Dragunov

11. Metro Station City Hall, New York

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 25

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 26Source:

12. Underground station T-Centralen, Stockholm, Sweden

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 27

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 28Photo by: A. Dragunov

13. Olayas Metro Station, Lisbon, Portugal

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 29

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 30Photo by: Miguel Riopa

14. Station Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 31

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 32

Photo by: Jonathan Nekstrend

15. Metro station Slavic boulevard, Moscow, Russia

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 33

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 34Source:

16. Station Näckrosen metro station / Näckrosen (which means “lily”, “lily”), Stockholm Subway

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 35Photo by: Sarah Sivermen

17. Metro Stations Georg Brauhle-Ring, Marienplatz, and Candidplatz, Munich, Germany

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 36

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 37

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 38Photo by: Christian Gonzalez Beyrle

18. Metro Station Area Wilhelmina (Wilhelminaplein), Rotterdam, Netherlands

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 39Author Photo: Kathy Tierra Pekvena

19. Metro Station Atocha, Madrid, Spain

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 40Photo by: Pierre D’Vara

20. The tunnel of the old subway in Istanbul, Turkey

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 41Photo by: Musa Otkun

21. Olympic shopping center «OEZ», Munich

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 42Photo by: Robert Gёttsfrid

22. Malostranska station in Prague

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 43Author photo: Arno pore

23. The Budapest Metro

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 44Photo by: Greg Nadett Background

24. Namur metro station, Montreal

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 45Photo by: Antoine Gagnon

25. Platz metro station Wilson, Warsaw, Poland

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 46Photo by: Areta Frankiewicz

26. Station Golden Gate Kiev, Ukraine

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 47Photo by: Methos Markovic

27. It is difficult to make a step forward

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 48Photo by: Jarred Marx

28. HafenCity Underground Station, Hamburg

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 1Photo by: Andrius Bachiaskas

29. Station Sao Bento, Porto, Portugal

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 49Photo by: aashay224

30. Syntagma Metro Station, Athens, Greece

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 50Photo by: Helen Lowry

31. The station of Liège-Guillemins, Belgium

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 51Photo by: Jeff VDB

32. Kyoto Station, Japan

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 52Photo by: Rory Sebastian

33. Underground U3 station Volkstheater, Austria

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 53Photo by: Stefan Tribo

34. Devyatkino Station, St. Petersburg, Russia

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 54Photo by: Jeroen Jansen

35. Park Metro Station, Lisbon, Portugal

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 55Photo by: Pedro Cruzeiro

36. Metro Station in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 56Photo by: Lee herself

37. Metro station The Kremlin, Kazan, Russia

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 57Photo by: Laura Gardner

38. The station Arbat, Moscow, Russia

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 58Photo by: Anna Karina

39. Bochum Town Hall (Rathaus Bochum), Germany

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 59Photo by: Cristina Loha

40. Metro Station Rakoczy Square, Budapest, Hungary

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 60Author photo: Punk Scholz

41. Metro station Baikonur, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 61Author photo: Iskander Mo

42. Namur metro station, Montreal, Canada

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 62Photo by: Antoine Gagnon

43. Metro Station Vestfridhof, Munich, Germany

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 2Photo by: Achim Meyer

44. Titan Station, Bucharest, Romania

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 63Picture Author: NUMNUMNUM

45. Cais Sodre Subway station to Lisbon, Portugal

Samye-krasivye-stantsii-metro 64Photo by: Pedro Cruzeiro