the freedom project

Freedom is a fact in most civilized countries, but not in Guatemala. Historically, we have never reached an acceptable level of respect, understanding, and knowledge regarding freedom as an ideal, a concept, and a way of life. The government, the institutions, the companies, the school itself, and unfortunately, the culture of the general population represses, condemns, and castrates the expressions of freedom in virtually all its forms. Freedom of expression, freedom of thought, mobility, freedom of choice, etc., is not a given, they are unknown ideas, and because they are unknown, they are not only ignored but constantly sullied.

The Francisco Marroquín University is a private entity guided by the principles of freedom, individual responsibility, and a free market. It is an oasis in a desert of freedom. Great opinion leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, innovators, and rebels have graduated from this university. Free thinkers have graduated from the Francisco Marroquín University, which is maintained mainly thanks to the support of an organization of trustees.

Understanding the dark stretch that our nation has been going through in recent decades -or rather, since our birth as a country- The University has taken on the task of promoting freedom in all audiences who want to listen, but mainly among young people who are about to enter university. This quest covers a whole year of communication of these ideals. A new poster every two days, a short animation every three days. Forums. Film festivals. Workshops, art exhibitions, and collective conversations.

The collection of posters and animations we share with you today is not just “posters”; no, they are an urgent message, a crucially necessary ideal for an entire country. A proposal that tries to install a new collective imaginary. Start thinking about the possibilities of a free country made up of responsible individuals who fight for their rights and who -hopefully- will push the history of Guatemala forward.

This professional campaign titled ‘THE FREEDOM PROJECT’ was published in Guatemala in April, 2022. It was created by ad agency: Garcia + Robles. This Ambient, Digital, and Print media campaign is related to the Education industry and contains 21 media assets.

Credits :

Advertising Agency:
Art Directors: Victor Alfredo Robles, Daniela Gonzalez, Francisco Rodriguez, Rocio Boy, Alejandro Ramírez, Brandon De León, Ericka Argueta, Josué Marroquín, Alejandro Silva, Hector Urbina, Kike Gonzalez, Marvin Rodriguez.
Copywriter: Victor Alfredo Robles

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