the albino underwater creatures by dan muskat

Dana Muskat live  and work in Paris since 7 years, 4 years ago she started her own new brand with the name ‘Bigstuffed’ for creating stuffed animals.
After completing her MBA in fashion design she came to Paris and had worked with big fashion houses, apart the wanted to create her own stuff, be creative all day long and express what’s in her head and heart.
Big-stuffed was conceived sort of by chance, in this period of her life where I was looking deeper for self-realization, She Made a “welcome to the world” gift for her new born niece- a white octopus, one meter long from head to tentacle. A short while later I made another gift for my good friend’s new baby boy, very quickly the word spread, Big-stuffed was born.
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Night Octopus - BigStuffed