stunning photography with long exposures

There is some stunning photography out there that needs no tampering with, whether that be pre or post-production. However, long exposure photography can really stand out from the crowd, creating some of the most unique results you’re likely to see. Long exposure photography relies on the shutter being open that little bit longer, so it’s able to take in more of the subject over a period of time.

Here are 24 examples of when long exposures have resulted in some special photos.


1. Firework

2. Fireflies in Japan

3. Carousel At Night

4. Escalator Long Exposure

5. Air Traffic in San Francisco

6. A Tram Leaving Budapest With 30,000 LED’s Attached

7. Robotic Hoover Long Exposure

8. LED Snowboarder

9. Subway Tunnel

10. Long Exposure Zoom Keyboard

11. Long Exposure Of A Pumpkin With A Foggy Lens

12. Fireflies In A Jar

13. Tilt-A-Whirl Long Exposure

14. A Train Travelling Through The Canadian Rockies

15. Traffic Light Long Exposure

16. Merry Go Round Long Exposure

17. Bugs Under A Streetlamp

18. Milky Way Long Exposure

19. Firework Long Explosion

20. Departing Tram In Budapest

21. Photographing A Christmas Tree Whilst Zooming Out

22. Helicopter Landing

23. Kayaker’s Use LED’s For Long Exposure Shot

24. A Plane Taking Off


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