posable wooden lamp

Pixar fans will immediately be reminded of Luxo Jr., the anthropomorphic company mascot lamp. The Woodman Lamp isn’t all that different, but with a more “nostalgic” wooden design. The lamp, which Village Vanguard suggests is a match for those who live alone, can be adjusted. The angle of the head and leg joints can be adjusted by loosening the screws, allowing you to freely change the angle according to where you place it.

If you adjust the shape of the legs, you can also use it as a lighted stand for books or tablets, as well as a bed light.

Village Vanguard Woodman Table Lamp

This quirky wooden table lamp has adjustable limbs that can be configured into a variety of adorable positions.

Unique Wooden Table LampVillage Vanguard Woodman Table LampVillage Vanguard Woodman Table LampUnique Wooden Table LampUnique Wooden Table LampVillage Vanguard: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
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