paint the town red

Bunol Spanish city of Valencia was busy  on Wednesday in preparation of “La Tomatina Festival “. Approx 150,00 Kg of ripe, red tomatoes were delivered to the Bunol.

Every year large numbers of tourists goes to get participate in th hour long fight  in Burnol. After the World War 2 La Tomatina Festival get started to celebarate in the Valencia, but in recent years it’s get International Exposure

The village prepares for the fight by covering up balconies, houses and shopfronts in plastic and locking them down as thousands of participants, including both tourists and locals enjoy the day by reveling in a mad food fight all over the streets of Bunol.

Revelers enjoy as they throw tomatoes at each other, during the annual "Tomatina", tomato fight fiesta, in the village of Bunol, Spain. — AP

Revellers battle with tomato pulp during the festival in Bunol near Valencia, Spain. — Reuters

A reveller is covered with tomato pulp. — Reuters

A participant at Tomatina lies in tomato pulp. — Reuters

Joyous rivalry continues as revellers pelt each other with the fruit. — Reuters

Revellers covered in tomato pulp take a selfie. — AFP

Two women enjoy as crowds of people throw tomatoes at each other. — AP

160 tonnes of ripe tomatoes were offloaded from trucks into a crowd of 22,000 half-naked revellers who packed the streets of Bunol for an hour-long battle. — AFP

Revellers covered in tomato pulp are hosed down. — AFP

An aerial view of the festivities. — Reuters

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