nuria riaza makes the ballpoint pen a tool for creating surreal pieces.

Nuria Riaza is graduated from the master’s degree in design and illustration . Grew up in the paintings and brushes of his father and like every child of the 90’s under the monstrous influence of characters like Xuxa Park, the spice girls, chubby from the movie of matilda or the drawings of Beetlejuice.
She was always a little girl, those who preferred to read and draw ballet. ” We grew up consuming bizarre images and aesthetic genius.” Riaza tells. It’s something you can’t erase; it stays in your subconscious.
Riaza’s appetite for creepy-cool images emerges in the highly detailed pieces she creates using only ballpoint pen. Starting when she was five or six years old she used the pens as her medium, but it wasn’t until she was an adult that she started taking the drawing tool more seriously.
Riaza’s pieces are a blue dream, each mark of her ballpoint pen purposeful and carefully placed. It takes the eyes a bit of time to adjust, but once the viewer gets used to the blue landscape, Riaza’s attention to detail is evident. Many of her pieces follow a Surrealist vein, often resembling collage in their layering of nature, humans, symbols and more.
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