novaya borovaya 38 sq. apartment that most functional, rich space and minimal in style

According to the participants of Zrobym Architects, the project of a small apartment in the residential complex “Novaya Borovaya” attracted them primarily because of the small area. The architects tried to create the most functional, rich space, not stepping back from the style of minimalism. Artem Yermolinsky, Andrey Lychkovsky, Andrus Bezdar worked on the project.

The original was a box in concrete. Only a bathroom was singled out – the architects preserved this structure, they did not erect additional walls: the bedroom, kitchen, hallway and living room form an open space. 

The space is asymmetrical, but the authors came up with such a layout that its “irregularity” is not striking. We carried out two axes, built a kitchen-living room along one, and a bedroom and a bathroom along the other. The advantage of this technique is that even in open space conditions, it was possible to distinguish between day and night zones compositionally. Diagonal flooring also works to “level” the plan.

Since the kitchen is part of the living space, I wanted to make it unobtrusive. Smooth facades in the color of the walls cope with this task. At the same time, they hide sufficient volumes for storage and a complete set of household appliances. The upper hanging cabinets were abandoned, only light shelves were installed, which made the kitchen look even more “residential”. Under the tabletop I found a place for a table on rollers, it is rolled out and installed by the window when guests come or there is a need to work.

A sleeping place in a small studio apartment is a special topic. It is important that it is not visible from the front door, only a lying person feels protected. In this project, the bed is fenced off from the hallway by a bathroom unit. We also thought about the future: if the owner of the apartment ever wants to isolate the bedroom from open space, there is a cornice in the ceiling, she will hang a curtain on it.

Despite the modest dimensions of the apartment, it is equipped with a comfortable spacious bathroom, which has both a bath and a shower – a transparent glass cabin is built into the partition between the bathroom and the bedroom. Thus, the bathroom received a window through which daylight penetrates into it. The shower cabin protrudes from the partition and enters the territory of the bedroom – the line is aligned with built-in wardrobe modules installed to the right and left of it.

Minimalism is a complex style. It is especially important in it the quality of work, the execution of joints – you cannot hide flaws behind stucco moldings. In addition, despite the scarcity of expressive means, the space should be cozy and beautiful. Tactile textures of textiles and wood, subtle graphics of lamps, skillfully applied mirrors — these details enliven the interior. The handles of high kitchen cabinets, forming a black cross, look very elegant in a small apartment.

Almost all the furniture is made to order, which is a good solution for a small apartment, where every centimeter is precious. Custom-made joinery became the most expensive item in the budget, according to the architects, they spent about 20 thousand dollars.