nintendo game boy 1 up

Today, a touch of retro gaming comes from southern Germany. The Munich-based designer Florian Renner brings the video game feeling of the 90s back into our living room with his idea.

He himself describes it in his own words like this: Design concept of the handheld console as an homage to the original Gameboy. The project goal was to keep the most concise elements and adapt them to the specifics and requirements of today’s games.

With the “Nintendo Gameboy 1UP” design draft, he succeeded in doing just that. The designer shows courage by not doing without the famous 4 pink, gray start and select buttons and of course the black control pad in the era of touchpads.

The look of the original handheld is completely transformed and would continue to be clearly identified among all the others.

The most noticeable change at first glance is the new vertical orientation, i.e. with a wider and larger screen. The lessons learned from smartphone games, most of which are programmed vertically, are guaranteed to flow into it.
That way they lie perfectly in both hands and you have a much better cut of the game. Both ensure optimal gaming enjoyment and that is exactly what you want from a game console.

The question of whether the screen has an integrated touchpad so that the menu or parts of the games can optionally be controlled using the finger menu or whether this was deliberately omitted remains open. However, this would only have to be answered when it really comes to production.

We’d love to play one of the newer games like Fall Out 4, Halo, etc. on this console. Does anyone have a good relationship with Nintendo?


Nintendo Gameboy 1UP by Florian Renner 01

Nintendo Gameboy 1UP by Florian Renner 02

Nintendo Gameboy 1UP by Florian Renner 03

Nintendo Gameboy 1UP by Florian Renner 04

Nintendo Gameboy 1UP by Florian Renner 05

All images © Florian Renner


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