Minimalism Can Be Warm, Comfortable, Luxurious

Living room. Minotti sofas. Tables De Padova. The wall finish combines wood and marble. The TV is built into the partition design of Kerimov Architects, the openwork pattern is cut with a laser. Fireplace on biofuel with brass finish – also according to the sketches of architects. Floor lamp Paolo Castelli. Carpet, Jan Kath, Kovër Büro.

Minimalism cab be warm, comfortable, luxurious. This is the opinion of shamsudin Kerimov and Ekaterina Kudinova. “Those who want a modern interior com to our bureau. Usually we are given carte blanche, ” says Ekaterina Kudimova, Kerimove Architects. This project was no exception. a young couple bought an apartment on Vorobyovskoye Highway: an area of 200 square meters, panoramic windwo on three side. Having created a verified space for the owners, the architects decorated it with textures and handmade details.

A luxurious leather screen Louis Vuitton Objects Nomades in the study, a TV panel in the living room, a relief panel at the head of the bed- such elements give the interior visual warmth and tie together its parts. “Some consider minimalism cold.

There is no “cold” here. What there is a universal basis. that opens up freedom; the owners can add their objects without fear of disturbing the harmony, tightly fill the rooms or make do with a small amount of décor- the finished picture will still remain. In general, minimalism is more the just a style in the interior. It’s a way of thinking, a way of life

The study is equipped for two: Gallotti & Radice tables are separated by a diamond screen, Marcel Wanders, Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades. On the table is a kaws figurine.
The modular leather structure gives the minimalist setting a Parisian elegance. Chairs Andreu World. On the walls and ceiling paint Benjamin Moore.
Boffi kitchen. Dealer: Krassky interior salon.
Shamsudin Kerimov and Ekaterina Kudinova, Kerimov Architects, in the interior of a new apartment.
Living room. The TV is built into the partition design of Kerimov Architects, the openwork pattern is cut with a laser.

Much in the apartment is made to order, at first – developed with the help of professional software. “This approach helps to take into account all the nuances, to verify the dimensions, to see how other furniture will look against the background of our developments. Without computer-aided design, it is difficult to imagine the work of a modern architect. We consider 3D visualizations to be a particularly important stage: the customer understands what his interior will be like, and we know exactly with which picture we go to the implementation – the project passes without “surprises”. At the same time, we often make sketches by hand in the process of work, “says Shamsudin Kerimov.

Living room. DiBar chairs Maxalto.vans Minotti. Tables De Padova. The wall finish combines wood and marble. Floor lamp Paolo Castelli. Carpet, Jan Kath, Kovër Büro.

There is no “smart home” system here, in city apartments Ekaterina and Shamsudin it is rarely used. “A smart house is a significant part of the budget, investing money in it, and then saving on a good kitchen or sofa seems unreasonable to us. If the customer one hundred percent understands why he needs it, then we install it. “

Moonlight Murmuration chandelier, Ochre.
Mellow table, Bonaldo, Chesto chairs, designed by Patrick Norge, De Padova. Moonlight Murmuration chandelier, Ochre. Curtains are controlled from the remote. “The apartment is all in panoramic windows, there are a lot of curtains, it is important that they open with a button,” the architects explain.
Siemens kitchen appliances. Maxalto bar stools.
Customers asked for a spacious master block – it was allocated 80 square meters. meters. The wall is decorated with embossed panels in Italian Alcantara. Minotti bed. Dressing room and bedside tables Porro. Maxalto banquette. Bauwerk parquet is replaced by FMG porcelain stoneware. There is no plinth: the architects used the technique of “shadow seam”.
Dressing room. Gallotti & Radice dressing table. Chandelier Ochre.
Guest bedroom. Tables Bidu, Paola Navone, Baxter. Headboard according to the sketches of architects: panels in veneer with brass finish. Marset luminaire. Bed Saba Italia. Bed linen Atelier Tati.
The bathroom is decorated with natural stone Salvatori, mirrors – the same brand.
Marble sinks and Antoniolupi bath. Cea mixer.

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