Make Up Artist Turns Vintage Plane Into Salon In Her Garden

A make up artist from Scotland has spent 26 Lacs to convert an aircraft into a salon in her garden. Twenty five year old Amber Scott was gifted the 1957 plane by her parents, who bought it in 2007 for approx 27 lacs to convert it into a Bed and Breakfast accommodation. Scott has retained several original features, including plane seats used as waiting chairs.

Amber says she has ‘always loved’ doing make-up, and has even traveled to the US to learn from the best. She completed an internship on-demand hair and makeup business Vênsette in New York, before shadowing make-up artists at a trade show in LA. Describing her love of make-up, Amber said: ‘I I know it sounds stupid, but when I was younger I didn’t realize makeup could actually be a job.

‘When I was 13 my mum and dad had a big Halloween party and hired a makeup artist and she was the one who told me to go to college for it.’

Amber managed to keep the salon a secret for months, before a grand unveiling on Wednesday night.She has already received a huge amount of support, gaining more than 2,000 fans on Facebook for her salon.Amber says she now hopes to hold Halloween masterclasses so that women can learn how to do fake blood and the popular sugar skull designs.

Her mother Tricia, said: ‘I’m so proud of her. She’s really good at her job, it was inevitable that she would be successful.’

The plane weighs 22 tons and was previously owned by Portuguese airline company ACEF. Many plane enthusiasts have visited the backyard of Reynard Nursery, owned by Amber’s parents, to look at the aircraft over the years.

The aircraft has flown more than seven million miles, and Elvis Presley had a plane of the same type.

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Make-up artist Amber Scott, 25, has converted a 1957 Air Atlantique Convair CV-440 Metropolitan into a beauty salon

She has spent £30,000 converting the vintage aircraft, which was bought by her parents for £25,000 ten years ago

Amber, pictured in the cockpit of the aircraft, came up with the idea of converting the disused airplane with her parents 

 The luxury salon has enough space for four make-up artists, two hairdressers and a nail technician to see clients

Amber is pictured treating a client inside the salon

 The aircraft was previously sitting untouched in the backyard of her parents' garden centre. They had originally bought it in the hope of turning it into a B&B 

Amber has managed to incoporate some of the airplane's original features into the design of the salon, including these seats used as waiting chairs

The plane, formerly owned by a Portuguese airline, was given to Amber as a gift by her parents Andrew (left) and Tricia

Amber says she has always loved make-up from a young age - despite not initially realising she could do it as a job 

She went on to complete a make-up artist course at college, before going to New York to do an internship with hair and beauty brand Vênsette

 Amber also shadowed make-up artists at a trade show in LA, before returning to the UK to open her very own salon

She now hopes to hold Halloween masterclasses in her new salon to teach women how to do terrifying make-up designs

Amber and her parents have kitted out the disused plane with all the equipment and facilities found in a typical salon 

The make-up artist has kept the log books showing where the plane has flown over the years

 The vintage aircraft had previously attracted the attention of plane enthusiasts, who have come to look at it over the years 

Amber and her parents have put up a decked platform next to the entrance of the plane, to allow easy access for customers 

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