maidens in shining armour photography by kindra nikole

Seattle-based artist Kindra Nikole has created many of the props, costumes and sets for her photographic tales; her latest “Árísan” takes us into medieval times where (instead of men) women are the protectors of the land. We see ghostly resemblances to Joan of Arc, however, the actual inspiration was taken from the legends of King Arthur. Starting with an interpretation of Lady of the Lake—her body floating to the surface of water as she holds the Excalibur.

knight in forest, kneeled, candles

knight in sunlight, woman in red dress

knight, maiden lying on forest floor

knight with red cape, kneeling on snow

blue haired knight, smoke and skull

maiden on horse, arisan tales

blue lighting, knight and sword

Images © Kindra Nikole. | VIA ILLUSION SCENE 360