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LucidiPevere Designed the Modular Couchette Sofa With 38 Interchangeable Elements

LucidiPevere designed a new modular seating system for La Cividina that gives nod to the private yet connected sleeping quarters on trains. Couchette offers solutions for contract environments that require modularity, security and privacy in modern times, especially with the recent need to social distance. The adaptable collection includes 38 elements that allow the freedom to configure into any setup, whether curvy, straight or as an island, no matter how large or small.

Couchette features a minimalist design that results in a streamlined look when connected no matter the module type. One of the standout elements is the terminal armrest, which is soft and pronounced like the backs, as well as large enough to act as a work surface. They also give the overall design a more residential feel than most contract seating options.

Another privacy and safety option are padded panels that can be easily installed anywhere and removed as needed. They help absorb sound as does the wooden structure and polyester fiber. Additional accessory options are tables, USB-electric connections and coat hangers to give users the feel of a temporary office or place of relaxation.

Couchette is made using sustainable raw materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

via: designmilk.

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Modular Couchette Sofa