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With chocolate, sometimes we want the facts. No elaborate design, no patterns, just the tasting notes. That’s why we adore this concept from London agency Look At That—one only needs to look at the percentage to really get a feel for how sweet or bitter these treats would conceivably be.

“The percentage of cocoa in chocolate is a pretty reliable indicator of where it sits on the sweet to bitter scale, more so than descriptions such as milk, semisweet, or bittersweet. It’s how most customers navigate through the craft chocolate scene, hence why we have seen brands plaster their packaging with percentages. Percentage Chocolate explores how this can be done elegantly in keeping with the essence of craft chocolate.  

The answer? A circle. 

They represent timelessness and perfection, which are qualities Percentage Chocolate honor in every chocolate bar. No CBD, no oat milk, and no trends – just simple chocolate made from single origin cocoa.  

Circles are a common occurrence in nature- the rings of a tree, nuts, oranges, mushrooms, and peppercorns-all of these flavor profiles are also found in chocolate. Chocolate has over 600 flavor compounds, and letting it melt uncovers these hidden complexities, flavors, and aromas.  

There’s an interesting juxtaposition with chocolate. It starts as a raw, grungy ingredient, and then it’s transformed into a silky, elegant, and luxurious product. It’s important for “bean to bar” chocolate to represent its origins and show the cocoa’s journey from sack to pack. We’ve done this by using a raw stenciled typeface that contrasts the luxurious gold foil. The markings found on cocoa sacks were the typographic inspiration for this project. Sack markings are always set in a bold typeface and printed in black ink.  

Percentage chocolate creates a range of chocolate from creamy milk chocolate to dark. Milk and dark are differentiated by the use of silver foil instead of gold and a lighter selection of colors. The colors are earthy, and we toned down the vibrancy for more of a soothing effect. Purple in consumers’ minds means chocolate, so, of course, we honored that color in our line up.”

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