Innovative “Heli-stage” Has Spiraling Open-Air Staircase That Doubles as a Stage

The Heli-stage is the dynamic centerpiece of Shaoxing’s new China Textile Center.

ATAH - Heli-Stage - CTC

In eastern China’s city of Shaoxing, a cylindrical tube with a spiraling staircase cut into the middle is the centerpiece of a new commercial center. Designed by Shanghai-based architecture firm ATAH, the Heli-stage is a masterful showcase of their vision for a continuous exhibition space.

The Heli-stage seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor space and is located at the main entrance of the China Textile Center (CTC)—also designed by ATAH. The CTC, which sits at the heart of the Keqiao Science City, mixes artistic and commercial areas that highlight Keqiao’s status as an important hub for the production and trade of textiles. Nothing emphasizes that union of ideas more than the Heli-stage, with its functional spiral staircase doubling as a stage.

The glazed cylinder is composed of interlocking geometric shapes, which seem woven together into an exoskeleton that wraps around the building’s steel inner-core. Sleek, yet dramatic, it’s easy to imagine the emotional impact of a performer slowly descending the spiral onto center stage.

To celebrate the concept, the studio launched a joint venture with jewelry designer iRiffle. The resulting limited edition pendant pays homage to the shape and form of this dynamic piece of contemporary architecture.

The Heli-stage is the dynamic centerpiece of Shaoxing’s new China Textile Center.

ATAH - Heli-Stage - CTCContemporary Architecture in China by ATAHContemporary Architecture in China by ATAHATAH - Heli-Stage - CTCATAH - Heli-Stage - CTCContemporary Architecture in China by ATAH

In collaboration with iRiffle, the architectural studio produced a limited edition pendant commemorating the design.

ATAH & iRiffles - Heli-stage PendantATAH & iRiffles - Heli-stage Pendant

ATAH: Website  | h/t: [dezeen] | My Modern Met.   All images via ATAH.

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