indian disney princesses

We all wish that the Disney princesses come true and be a part of our real life. The photographer Amrit Grewal wasn’t that enough and so he transformed for a photoshooting not only into life he shows us how Snow White, Belle, Arielle, Jasmine, Mulan, Raponce and Cinderella look like Indian princesses.

We are a team of wedding photographers that believe in excellence and creativity. Residing on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia with our families, we consider Vancouver to be our home base for our worldwide photo adventures. We love to focus on capturing the unique and priceless moments of joy and happiness as they happen, instead of cheesy still poses. Our joint experience has led us to adopt the style of photography that can be characterized as a blend of both traditional and contemporary.“ – Amrit Grewal

Fantastic work with colourful dresses, location full of Indian influences and perfect poses. These Indian Disney princesses are one of our favorite photo series for a long time.

We really appreciate it!

Disney Indian Princess rapunzel

Disney Indian Princess snow white

Disney Indian Princess pocahontas

Disney Indian Princess mulan

Disney Indian Princess jasmine

Disney Indian Princess cinderella

Disney Indian Princess belle

Disney Indian Princess aurora

Disney Indian Princess ariel



All images © Amrit Grewal

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