in Rome the excavations light up with experimental art

A place of regeneration and rebirth, of aggregation and exchange, where the comparison between contemporary art, archeology and experimentation gives rise to immersive projects and experiences directed by international artists. It is Forof , a new cultural reality promoted by Giovanna Caruso Fendi , which from 2 February 2022 opens its doors to the public in the historic spaces of Palazzo Roccagiovine , in Foro Traiano , in Rome .

An inspired and virtuous project, in which the artists present  installations and performances . First guests Soundwalk Collective with  Lovotic , environmental music video installation in dialogue with the excavations of the Basilica Ulpia .

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The ruins activated by experimentation

Archeology as a stimulus for experimental cultural production, in a unique place, part of the most important archaeological area of ​​Rome, which allows access to the extraordinary remains of the apse of the Basilica Ulpia. The ruins of the underground area of ​​Forof are in fact activated by the intervention of the artists , in a reading that restores its absolute contemporaneity to history and the artistic heritage.

Cultural programming

Forof foresees two productions per year lasting about five months each, flanked by didactic activities dedicated to the hosted projects and to the archaeological heritage preserved in its spaces. Italian and international artists – identified for their ability to relate to the context in which they operate – are asked to design an exhibition or an environmental installation in dialogue with the underground archaeological space  which includes a monthly program of events : performance, reading , talks, musical interventions of a relational and participatory nature, in which the public will not only be a spectator but also a protagonist.

From cultural cafes to a new business model

Inspired by the atmospheres of the cultural cafes of the 20th century avant-garde – from the Cabaret Voltaire by Hugo Ball and Emmy Hennings, to the Bal TicTac designed by Giacomo Balla, to the Art Club founded in Rome after the Second World War – Forof invites artists to meet the space to imagine a contemporary story. In the place that was the first headquarters of the Alda Fendi – Experiments Foundation , the new cultural reality renews and updates the same concepts of cultural enhancement and promotion, starting with the restoration and renovation of the spaces curated by the It’s studio on the street level, offering new services and giving life to anew model of cultural, sensitive and sustainable entrepreneurship .

Because Forof is a Benefit Company

“Rome has always attracted artists, writers, intellectuals from all over the world, exerting a mysterious charm on them. Even today, contemporary artistic production in the city is constantly subjected to confrontation with history and antiquity ”underlines the founder Giovanna Caruso Fendi . “Today Forof not only offers artists the opportunity to compete with an extraordinary heritage, but also wants to be a responsible and transparent way of giving back to the community , through contemporary reading, the experience of a unique place in the world. This is the main reason why Forof is not a foundation but a Benefit Company whose corporate purpose is to have a positive impact on society “.

FOROF_Lovotic_bby Soundwalk Collective_Ph Jacopo Tommasini_2

The first environmental music video installation

From February 2 to July 15, 2022 , Forof presents its first production: Lovotic , a music video installation by the Soundwalk Collective , created with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lyra Pramuk, Atom ™ Paul B. Preciado and Willem Dafoe , curated by Threes Productions . The artistic collective, which combines anthropology, ethnography, geography and non-linear narrative in relation to the places where it carries out its interventions, explores the possibility that between man and robotemotional, sexual, even love relationships can be established. Starting from contemporary hybrid entertainment, the Soundwalk Collective question impulses, ideas and needs, venturing into a future that looks like a kaleidoscope in full expansion and in which sex, intimacy and desire are reformulated.

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Performance on a monthly basis

The Lovotic installation will become the setting for a series of episodes : multisensory and multidisciplinary events in which the public, after booking on . he will be involved in immersive performances of music and words with the artists who collaborated on the project. The first appointment, Tuesday 22 February , will be with Paul B. Preciado . The other artists involved in the project will follow on a monthly basis, including actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg .

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Via : Interni Magazine .