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VOLA’s Hands-free Collection has recently been expanded with the addition of the RS11 hands-free gel, foam and soap dispenser, in wall-mounted, table-mounted and freestanding options. Beautifully designed in VOLA’s signature minimal style, each hands-free unit marries thoughtfully considered proportions with smart integration of technology. Seamlessly fitting into an array of interior architecture styles all over the world, the Hands-free Collection provides the confidence of contactless hygiene with optimum style.

Understanding users’ wishes to practice good hygiene in today’s world is fundamental to the design of the Hands-free Collection. Each product features VOLA’s trademark no-fuss functionality, ensuring the dispensing of sanitiser, the collection of soap and the flushing process are 100% intuitive and natural. Meanwhile VOLA aesthetics combined with multiple colour and finish options ensure that the dispensers complement any bathroom or reception area. Every item offers just the right balance of blending in and standing out.

The carefully considered proportions of VOLA products set VOLA apart. Each item in the Hands-free Collection follows consistent proportions, ensuring dispensers, basin mixers, sensors and electric soap dispensers sit together beautifully as a family. This allows ultimate flexibility for designers – allowing all products and finishes to seamlessly fit into any scheme configuration. Every product configuration is available in 27 colours and finishes. 

The durability of VOLA’s products is also a standard they never compromise on: their products last for generations, which means they never need to be replaced or go to landfill. Made from stainless steel and brass they are fully recyclable and any parts that do need replacing will always be readily accessible from VOLA. The same standards apply for any product in any colourway.

Technical perfection is as important to VOLA as aesthetics. They test every piece of technology they use, to ensure dependable functionality and long-term durability. They also carefully consider how technology and fittings remain hidden, to ensure they sustain their renowned streamlined form without compromising ease of installation, maintenance and refills.

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Via:  ICON Magazine.

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