ethereal paintings of the ocean beauty

Artist Bree Brooks celebrates the trqnquil beauty of the ocean through her ethereal paintings. Created on canvas, her pictures offer aerial views of large bodies of water often offset by a coastline or boats as they plod along in an infinite abyss. The compositions are overwhelmingly blue, and Brooks pays careful attention to the subtle hue shifts in the tide. Within a single painting, the seas can appear dark and tempestuous when far from the coast while relatively calm as the light blue waves hit the shore. This duality not only provides visual interest but reminds us of the incredible power of the cerulean body.




About Bree Brroks :

Bree Brooks traveled all over the world creating reflections of my experiences. She had painted her journey through Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Polynesia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and United States. Exploring and living these countries has opened so many different colour combinations and unique environmental influences.

Her inspiration changes depending on where  she traveling or generally how She feeling in her life. Recently she have been painting her escape from the crowds of coastal cities. You can often see one surfer, empty lineups, one umbrella and a lonely boat surrounded by marine life and the stillness of the sea. In a world of chaos and places full of noise she had always treasured her time submerged in nature.


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” The peacefulness it brings me and the feeling of being apart of something. I love taking the time to listen to the environment which I fell is often muffled by the sound of humanity. Painting a little bit of how I forever want to be remember this world, peaceful, non judgmental and connected in every single way. Soon when I travel to more isolated destinations I may paint interactions with people or possibly high energy surf breaks. My painting are heavily influenced by my surroundings but one thing always remains the core subject and that is definitely nature,” – Say Bree Brooks.


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