dark fantasy and industrialism

Stefan Gesell is a Munich-based photographer who composes breathtaking images that shock and seduce the imagination. Mixing dark fantasy imagery with industrialism and science fiction, Gesell uses his experience as a former graphic designer to tell elaborate stories using the lens. Dark, confident, and even tortured figures confront the viewer with tremendous strength, each seemingly imbued with otherworldly knowledge and power. Setting, lighting, and composition are carefully employed to create haunting tableaux with deep emotional impacts. Among Gesell’s inspirations are the masters H.R. Giger and Gottfried Helnwein, both of whom resonate with Gesell’s work as artists who fearlessly delve into the darker parts of the human condition.

Stefan Gesell - Corpus, model KC

Stefan Gesell - Fresco. model KC

Stefan Gesell - Bad Ass

Stefan Gesell - Elements, model Patty

Stefan Gesell - shadow woman

Stefan Gesell - Surreal Wood, model KC

Stefan Gesell - Captain of the Hearts, model Ophelia Overdose

Stefan Gesell - From Beyond

Stefan Gesell - Not that Way, model KC



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