daniella batsheva

Daniella Batsheva is an “Illustrator with a design habit” whose aesthetic straddles the line between underground and mainstream. Her art boasts the beautiful, detail-heavy, intricate line work of the Victorian era mixed with the dark goth imagery inspired by horror films. Softly stylized figures with deep color palettes. Whimsy with a creepy twist.

Daniella says, “I want to create art to contribute something beautiful. I want to have a positive impact on my surroundings. I want to create pieces that make everyday life more visually stimulating, and more fun. I want someone to look at my pieces and think, ‘I relate to that. That brings me comfort. I want to keep that.’”

Daniella shares, “Making art is very much a compulsion for me. I can’t function without creating. Art provides a way that I sort my own thoughts and feelings, so it’s something that is absolutely necessary for me.

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The selfish side of me creates so that I can share a timeline of my life experiences by sharing the things that I find to be most beautiful. The other side of me creates because I have always felt a lack of art and visual stimulation in my surroundings.”

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