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Jose Royo is a Spanish artist best known for elegant figure paintings. The feminine figures are similar to the masters of the Renaissance. However, Royo’s use of impressionist backgrounds sets him apart and creates a unique fusion of styles. His trademark image of beautiful young women gives a sense of elegance and grace, whereas the soft brushstrokes and bursts of color create a peaceful atmosphere.

A traditional artist upbringing inspired Royo at a young age. At nine, he studied with private art tutors and then at fourteen, he entered the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts. Royo learned techniques and disciplines of Renaissance masters. Thus, hints of Rembrandt, Monet, and Renoir echo through his work. As a result, his dramatic use of color and texture capture his subjects with a unique flair.

Many exhibitions and one-man shows have features Jose Royo. He is a world-renowned artist, with many originals in private collections around the world. Art Leaders Gallery is a proud supporter of Royo, and his beautiful feminine art.



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classic figurative painter -jose royo