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photographer creates small-scale action-packed scenes using toys

According to Benedek Lampert: “Hi, I am Benedek Lampert, a Hungarian toy photographer. My passion is to create miniature worlds literally from anything. Basically,...

new past: impressive double exposure portraits by omi kim

Osaka-based photographer and designer Omi Kim (previously featured) creates powerful narratives by digitally superimposing her own captures.More: Omi Kim, Instagram, BehanceSource

a series of portraits that are made by using leaves and flowers

Artist Raku Inoue creates adorable portraits of dinosaurs using leaves and flowers. The Montreal-based artist is a nature lover and most of his artworks...

diagonal world photo series

Yandex’s designer Sergei Minkin runs a blog teaforbear featuring the world divided by a diagonal.The first photo in the blog appeared in November of...
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dreamy & surreal imagery

Loving these fanciful and playful manipulated photos by KangHee Kim, which can be found on her Instagram or her series Street Errands.