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Want to learn which are the most popular logo creator tools and generators right now? Read on!

Oriented towards small business owners and artists, logo creator tools are low-budget options and huge time savers for many people world-wide. While the trends of logo design may change, the standards remain pretty much the same. Luckily, modern logo creator tools rely on artificial intelligence and the good taste of professional logo template designers, so they combine both of these factors. Let’s proceed and see which are the best logo creator tools and generators on the market right now!

AI logo generators

A selection of the best AI logo generators currently available on the web. These tools are an absolute breeze to work with and give you infinite opportunities to achieve cool logo looks in just several minutes. Not all, but most of these logo generators rely on dedicated designers that create logo templates for the gallery. The logo makers also allow you to choose the type of logo you want – they have huge libraries of graphics, icons, and fonts, so you can achieve the best result for your brand. Let’s begin!

Tailor Brands Logo Creator

Tailor Brands

A logo maker tool based on artificial intelligence that generates a custom logo for your brand within a few minutes. Tailor Brands’ logo creator tool can be used absolutely for free. You pay only when you like the final design. The logo maker uses advanced technology and a seamless UX interface to understand your needs and create a logo that will capture your brand’s essence.

How does it work?

The process is pretty simple and even fun, we’d say. At first, you enter your brand name and a quick description of the business. Then, via “This or That” session, the logo maker tool understands your preferences and generates various unique logos. They could be icon based, initial based, and wordmarks.

Once you’ve chosen the final logo, the site offers additional services such as automatically design branded posts for social media, branded designs for marketing materials, web banners, and more. Moreover, you can edit the logo’s fonts and colors in the editor panel according to your liking.

Costs and copyright

While Tailor Brands hasn’t stated the exact amount they charge for an approved logo, they remind you that you will only pay if you approve of the final design. The purchase guarantees you a high-quality version of the logo in a vector file format – EPS, meaning you can resize the design to any desired size without losing quality, along with 21 pre-made resize versions for different branding materials and purposes. You also get all copyrights on the artwork.

BrandCrowd Logo Creator


An online logo maker that will give you hundreds of logo options for your brand generated from a database of thousand custom-made designs. BrandCrown works with a community of designers who craft highly modern logo designs suitable for different industries and businesses. This service is developed by Squarespace.

How does it work?

The tool is pretty simple to use. You enter a keyword which you associate with your brand or choose a specific industry from the list of industries to get hundreds of design choices for your logo-to-be. Enter your brand name to see how it looks visualized next to the chosen image. Once you like a design, you can go to the editor and make small modifications if necessary. Click Preview to see how your logo would look on different branding materials and banners.

If you want to go further with the edits and make more complex changes, you can order the Senior Designer add-on. BrandCrown will contact you with an in-house designer who will turn your logo into exactly what you imagine. Once you finally love the design, BrandCrown can also help you create your branding materials.

Costs and copyright

Using BrandCrowd’s logo generator tool is free, as well as editing the chosen design. Once you are fully happy with the logo design, you can purchase it – however, the rates are not explicitly written. The platform gives you two options for licenses according to your needs. The Standard license gives you access to your logo design without a watermark – in high-res PNG and JPG files, as well as fully editable and resizeable SVG, EPS, and PDF vector files. If you want to own the copyright on the design, you will have to purchase the Exclusive license and the design will be removed from the database of the site.

Placeit Logo Creator


Placeit is an online graphic editor platform that offers several design maker tools – a logo creator tool, a mockup generator, a graphic maker, and a video maker. For this article, we’ll review the logo maker tool. The platform works with exclusive designers who craft all the logo templates for the gallery. On the site, you will also find tips and resources for branding your business.

How does it work?

Placeit’s logo maker is a very easy and intuitive tool to use. You simply start by selecting a business name and picking an industry from the rich list of industry options. Once the tool starts generating ideas for your logo design, you can go even further by choosing specific logo colors and search for specific graphics if you already have a clear vision on your mind. When you find a logo you like, the tool takes you to the editor where you can keep playing with the colors, images, fonts, and layouts

Costs and copyright

Using the tool and the editor is completely free. To purchase a single logo will cost you $39,95 and it includes the chosen logo design without a watermark – in a vector format and a high-quality PNG format. The license also covers commercial use. A subscription plan is also available – it provides you unlimited mockups, designs, videos, as well as a 50% discount on logos’ prices. Placeit’s license allows you to apply for a trademark with the finished logo – graphic and wordmark. However, a complete transfer of copyrights is not possible – they won’t take the particular graphic down from the platform and other users can keep using it, too.

Hatchful Logo Creator


Hatchful is a free logo creator tool provided by Shopify. Similarly to other platforms, this one comes with a huge database of pre-made logo templates and icons. Unlike other platforms, Hatchful is fully free and provides you with high-quality images of your logo whether you are a user of Shopify or not.

How does it work?

Hatchful’s logo maker tool will take you through several steps. Choose your business industry, choose your visual style such as bold, classic, conservative, creative, vintage, etc (you can choose more than one), then add your business name and slogan. Pick where the logo will be used – e.g. for social media, for large prints (you can pick all). Then, the tool will start generating suggestions for you. If you like one, great – just tap on it and you’ll go to the editor for finishing touches – colors, fonts, layouts, icons. If you don’t like the result, you can still go back and browse other templates.

Costs and copyright

Hatchful can be used for free absolutely efficiently. You only have to create an account in order to download your logo design and assets. In the final package, you have a whole arsenal of social media assets included – templates for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Hatchful offers a premium account, as well, which comes with premium designs and templates.

WIX Logo Creator

Wix Logo Maker

Wix is a website creator platform. It also offers a great logo maker tool. In order to use it, you have to register from the very beginning. While you can use the tool for free, payments are due at the very end when you are happy with the final design and you want to download and use them for your brand. The site also publishes great tips and articles devoted to logos and logo design.

How does it work?

Intuitively, you start by entering your brand name and your slogan (if you have one). Then, choose what your company is about – there is a huge drop-down menu with possibilities, so you can choose what describes you best. Then, you’ll have to choose how your logo should look and feel like techy, dynamic, playful, etc. (you can choose more than one). In order for the tool to understand your preferences, it will take you through a little quiz, as well. You’ll be given pairs of logos and you’ll have to pick which one you like more or choose neither. Finally, you will have to tell Wix your branding needs – where you will be using your logo.

Once the gallery with suggestions is generated, you can browse and pick a logo you like in order to go to the editor. There, you can choose different palettes and pretty much, make changes to all elements. By using the arrow menu, you can preview your design on different devices and branding materials.

Costs and copyright

When you are ready with your design, Wix will offer you a package with a logo and a website for your business or simply your logo in high-quality formats. The first offer will take you to 3 subscription plan options with prices ranging from €11 to €24 per month. If you want to grab just your logo, you have 2 options – €20 and €49.99 both of which give you full commercial and non-commercial usage rights. However, the more expensive option provides you resizeable logo files in vector format (SVG) and different color options, as well as 40+ versions of your logo customized for social media.

Icon-based logo creator tools

A selection of logo creator tools which will generate you or help you create a cool logo design based on icons via a builder.  These platforms rely on a huge diversity of stock icons – basic shapes, abstract shapes, food icons, nature icons, animals, technology, medicine, and many more, in order to generate logos. You get to choose the most suitable icons for your business, add text, change colors and fonts. Some of these platforms offer more complex icon-based logo templates which will give you a totally unique look. Let’s begin!

Logo Makr Logo Creator


A super simple icon-based logo graphic maker. The process of creating your logo with this tool is pretty straightforward – you choose icons, add text, change colors, fonts, and voila! In the gallery, you will find a lot of icons for everything you can imagine. Simply use the search box to get more relevant graphics.

Downloading a low-res PNG file of your logo design is free but it requires attribution and will probably be only suitable for mockups. If you want high-resolution files, there is a one-time purchase of $19. The package includes vector files (SVG, PNG) and a high-res PNG file, plus a bonus – social icon creator tool with pre-made sizes for social media images.

FreeLogoDesign Logo Creator


An easy-to-use free logo creator tool which works similarly to logo generators. At FreeLogoDesign, you enter the name of your company and the industry you are in to get suggestions or simply browse pre-made icon-based templates, some with quite complex graphics and appealing designs. Once you choose, you go to the editor where you can change or modify elements and fonts.

Regardless of the name of the service, FreeLogoDesign is only free if you are okay with a low-res version of your logo design (200×200 px PNG). A high-resolution PNG, plus PDF, JPG and vector SVG will cost you €34 (currently on discount). Additional goodies like a black-and-white version and a social media package will cost you €9 for each.

Logomaster Logo Creator


Logomaster is an easy logo maker tool which also gives you suggestions for a logo design based on a quick questionnaire in the beginning. You start by Logo category such as personal branding, product branding, companies and organizations, businesses. Then, select different logos that you like from the given suggestions and your preferred color scheme. Then, write your business name and slogan and pick appropriate icons by using keywords that are most relevant to your brand. The tool will then give you icon-based logo design suggestions which you can edit as much as you want in the editor.

The final design is available for download in 3 different packages – basic ($20) which gives you a normal-res PNG logo with a transparent background, premium ($50) which provides you with high-res PNG files and vector files, and enterprise ($80) which gives you even more features and benefits.

LogoShuffle Logo Creator


A simple logo generator tool that will give you icon-based logo design suggestions in minutes. You enter your brand name and the keyword that describes your business best. The tool then allows you to pick your favorite icons related to your keyword, your preferred fonts and color scheme, as well. The tool then gives you several options to choose from. If you don’t like any, simply hit the Shuffle button, so the tool can generate more.

The editor previews your logo on different print materials. LogoShuffle offers package prices from €29 to €99. You can register a trademark for your logo unless it’s already been registered by another company.

To sum up,

There are so many logo creator tools on the web right now that one can easily get lost in the sea of suggestions and offers. Well, the good thing is you can try almost all of them for free and even without creating an account. Getting them for your project is another story – all logo makers require you to pay in order to provide high-quality files.

We hope we helped you choose a logo creator tool for your next logo design. If you have a favorite logo maker tool whether or not on this list, feel free to share your review and experience in the comments below. See ya!

Via: GraphicMama Blog.

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