Beautiful Paintings By Inna Vjuzhanina

The art with some traditional painting technique with the help of watercolor, oil etc and with some digital tools by means of software with some paint box is said to be digital painting. The emerging technique which is not so easy and this works on the creative process. Beautiful Paintings by Inna Vjanina ! Inna Vjuzhanina is one of the most and best known painter from Ukraine for his digital paintings. The technique of the painter is extraordinary which provides the creativity; she works as a translator in her free and her studies on ancient Egypt and painting techniques. Inna learned digital painting to pay Lara Croft a proper tribute which is awesome. Her idea is different in which feels for the new and she is sure not from the old. At present she is working on a graphic novel “Back to the Middle” with her friend and she is smart person to provide the extraordinary digital painting from the different view. Today in our showcase some of the digital paintings are for you. What do you say about her work? Source –   Beautiful Paintings by Inna Vjuzhanina
Beautiful Paintings by Inna Vjuzhanina

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