avengers pigs

With all the hype surrounding the new Star Wars film that we have lived and promoted, we by no means forget our other heroes. They are currently taking a back seat, but there are some like the Brazilian illustrator Roni Aguiar who, with their Star Wars-free work, make it clear to us that they still exist. In this case in a very creative and unconventional way, just as we like it. For his part, the artist was inspired by the Spider Pig, which Homer Simspon invented in the “Simpsons” film.

Now Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America and Black Widow meet as “Avengers Pigs” to save the world and do not look as cute as the original. On the contrary, with the exception of the female superhero, everyone looks a bit gloomy. We suspect this should intimidate villains powerfully, put them to flight at the sight of piggy superheroes or ensure that they stop their misdeeds altogether.

For each Avengers Pig, the illustrator also shows us the 4 drawing levels with which all copies were created. A nice look into the creation process, so to speak, without getting bored. The motifs are also ideal for printing on smartphone cases, T-shirts and the like, as can be seen impressively on the creator’s Facebook page, which was specially created for this purpose .

Nothing stands in the way of the animal film adaptation of the Avengers. We would also have no objection to an animated film. So who is giving Marvel a lead?


Avengers Pigs by Roni Aguiar All

Avengers Pigs by Roni Aguiar Captain America

Avengers Pigs by Roni Aguiar Thor

Avengers Pigs by Roni Aguiar Ironman

Avengers Pigs by Roni Aguiar Hulk

Avengers Pigs by Roni Aguiar Black Widow

Avengers Pigs by Roni Aguiar Hawkeye

All images © Roni Aguiar


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