7 houses with beautiful pools

Spectacular pools brighten up any space. A real quintessential summer holiday, they invite you to cool off and relax.

1 Standard Architecture: house with infinity pool

Architectural bureau Standard Architecture has designed some of the most beautiful houses near Los Angeles. This residence, located on a hill, offers breathtaking views of the city and the valley. The house is a paraphrase of the famous Louis Kahn building located in Texas – The Kimbell Art Museum. It was in his likeness that three architectural volumes were combined into one building. On the 0.4 hectare plot there is a peculiar cape, which made it possible to plan a large terrace with an infinity trapezoidal pool, towering above the surrounding houses and landscape.

2 Fernanda Marquez: pool view from the living room

Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques, Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados, designed a duplex in São Paulo with a pool and art collection. The swimmers in this restored residence can be observed from the living room through 8 cm thick glass panels. The panes are interconnected by a high-tech structural membrane. Swimming pool 10 m long and 25 sq. meters is located in the courtyard of a duplex apartment called Panorama in the Nova Conceição complex. The total area of ​​the duplex is 477 sq. meters.

3 Bells + Whistles: Hockney-style painted pool

The Bells + Whistles team has updated the interiors of a house built in 1957 by Donald Wexler in Palm Springs, California. Studio founders Barbara Rourke and Jason St. John were called upon to create a space that combines architecture, color and expressive décor, yet feels truly “home”. The most interesting element is the impressive IG-perfect pool, designed by Alex Proby’s studio. Alex painted the bottom of the pool in homage to the work of David Hockney. According to Bells + Whistles, “bringing a new spirit to Wexler’s iconic home has been an interesting challenge.” 

4 Mario Martins: swimming pool in the ellipse house

Architect Mario Martins (Mario Martins Atelier) built a villa on the ocean in the resort village of Luz. He named his new work Elliptic House. It reflects the main idea of ​​architecture: the building is based on an ellipse. “The house is deliberately sculptural. However, I wanted its forms to be perceived as if they were created by nature, appeared under the influence of wind and sea. Decorative ponds and a pool are a continuation of the architecture. The water surface takes the eye into the distance and merges with the vast expanses of the ocean. The roof oval sets the boundaries of the central patio. The shape of the pool is coordinated with the configuration of the building.

5 Francisco Pardo Arquitecto: residential complex with swimming pools

The Escondida complex, designed by Francisco Pardo Arquitecto, fits into the coastal landscape of the Mexican surfer town. It is located 50 meters from the Pacific Ocean, overlooking Puerto Escondido Bay in Mexico. The project respects the environment. The buildings stand on a sloping site with an inclination angle of 20° to 40°. With a complex and interleaved layout, residents gain a unique experience and access to a beautiful panorama. The complex consists of 16 residences with an area of ​​150 sq. meters plus a terrace of 70 sq. meters at the bottom. Each apartment has a small private swimming pool, and three types of common areas are located on the upper roofs of the houses: in the east, a bar and a relaxation area; in the center – the main pool with a sun terrace; to the west is a children’s pool. 

6 LASSA Architects: pool at the villa 

The residence designed by LASSA Architects is located on a gentle slope with an olive grove in the south of the Peloponnese. Villa KHI House looks like a single undulating wall framing a series of courtyards. The architectural x-shaped volume divides the site into four parts. The absence of right angles in the interior and the continuity of the wall provide the feeling that the space is expanding. Curved walls prove to be the perfect frame for the sky – they bring out its color and light. The smooth outlines of the four “wings” of the house are repeated by the pool on the lower level, to which a snow-white terrace flooded with sun leads from the house.

7 Antti Lovag: Historical Monument with a Swimming Pool 

A masterpiece of organic architecture and an iconic pop culture site built in Fontaine-sur-Saone near Lyon. The author is Antti Lovag (1920–2014), a Hungarian-born French architect who gained worldwide fame for his experimental bubble houses, one of which was purchased in 1992 by Pierre Cardin. An unusual residence in the form of a cluster of concrete spheres is surrounded by lush greenery. There is an entrance hall, a living room with a mezzanine and a fireplace, an equipped kitchen with access to the dining room and a spacious terrace, an office, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a gym and an internal garden. Outside, the circular pool follows the sensuous curves of this structure.

Via: interior.ru