Strange Creatures That Reside on Distant Planets – Zeke’s Lunchbox

Zeke’s Lunchbox is a Melbourne, Australia based artist and YouTuber. Her work is often described as strange, prismatic and unearthly. Over the years Zeke has focused their time on exhibiting across the globe in various group shows with a notable appearance in Art Basel Miami in 2016.

Her work can be often found on walls across Australia including the iconic Bondi Beach promenade.

Read More : Zeke’s Arcana.

“My creative process is very much about writing lists and key words to drive home concepts. I typically have really strong ideas that come to me randomly and I usually stick to them because that initial surge is almost hypnotising. I’ll research colour combinations or search for stories that are similar in concept then sketch everything out until I’m happy with the idea. I tend to not finalise the drawings most of the time because I like to leave some mystery and problem solving when I’m painting.” – Zeke’s Lunchbox (Wild Minded)

Zeke's Lunchbox - Happy Hydra
Zeke's Lunchbox - 80s Call Girl
Zeke's Lunchbox - Cluster Collectors
Zeke's Lunchbox - Floaties
Zeke's Lunchbox - Cottontail J. Beatrix
Zeke's Lunchbox - Baby Baphomet
Zeke's Lunchbox - Baby Balthazar
Zeke's Lunchbox - Ayesha and Friends
Zeke's Lunchbox - Mystical Menagerie

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