The Birthday Show By Hanna Jaeun

Brooklyn-based Hanna Jaeun brings us “The Birthday Show,” a series of four acrylic paintings on wood panel that are roughly inspired by birthday parties, magic tricks, and circus aesthetics. The series as a whole can be viewed as a single, chronological narrative that starts with “Through the Ring of Fire” and ends with “Magic Hat.” Running throughout is a little “devil-like creature” who transforms into a bunny and really works to tie the series together. While this little devil and his transformation may drive the story, we (as always) are drawn to the way Jaeun expresses her female figures. She depicts young girls who are simultaneously innocent and menacing, playful yet dark, and they underscore the duality of representation that Jaeun is so known for in her work. ​

This is Hanna’s third exclusive series with AEA since her first time showing with us back in 2014.


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