10 Horror Games That Deserve The Resident Evil Remake Treatment

Big-budget horror games are a rare breed, with most AAA publishers having given up on the genre two console generations ago, and the biggest horror releases these last few years have been the remakes of Resident Evil games. While remastering games is nothing new, modernizing and re-imagining horror games is a trend we’d like to see continued.

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There have been plenty of great horror games in the past. However, sometimes older mechanics and limitations lead to them feeling dated. So, what games should follow the format of the Resident Evil remakes?

10 Condemned: Criminal Origins

Before Outlast, Condemned was the go-to first-person survival horror game featuring grotesque psychopaths chasing the player. It was more than effective in delivering scares back in 2005, and it earned a sequel later on. It was also ambitious in keeping firearms to a minimum, thus making things more intense.

However, since its release Condemned: Criminal Origins‘ mechanics and gameplay are a little too clunky. Admittedly, the developers went for something more realistic, but, compared to something like Alien: Isolation, it definitely needs an upgrade.

9 F.E.A.R.

Typically, mixing shooters with horror dwindles the scare factor, but that is not the case with F.E.A.R. at all. Instead, the game balances both aspects nearly perfectly, hence why F.E.A.R. became a trilogy of games.

Unfortunately, while ahead of its time, the visuals make the characters look like mannequins at times. Not every aspect of the shooter gameplay has aged well. With just a bit of refining combined with modern controls, F.E.A.R. could become one of the best modern shooters to date.

8 Aliens Vs Predator

There hasn’t been a proper Alien game since Alien: Isolation, and the last AVP game was released back in 2010. How has this not been remedied? The 2011 reboot displayed the potential of the property, and the 2000 classic is still fondly remembered all these years later.

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So, after Alien: Isolation showed that gamers still love the series, why not bring back AVP? The solution is simple: avoid every mistake that Aliens: Colonial Marines made and look at what the Rebellion games did so well. A remake could spark a brand new wave of AVP games!

7 Clock Tower

Before Resident Evil, there was Clock Tower, which began as one of the first survival horror games ever made. In Japan, the original Clock Tower was released for the SNES, while its sequel for the original PlayStation hit international markets.

Despite the nail-biting atmosphere, creepy villain, and revolutionary mechanics, the gameplay of the original Clock Tower games has aged terribly. If given a modern third-person overhaul, Clock Tower could easily dominate over the new Resident Evil games.

6 Alone In The Dark

Much like Clock Tower, Alone In The Dark was a pioneer of early horror video gaming. However, one look at the graphics, and it’s easy to see why it needs a remake. While graphics aren’t everything, there is no denying that the visuals are not timeless.

As for gameplay, Alone In The Dark would benefit from an upgrade. The controls are awkward and stiff for the main character, and the camera is downright awful. However, a remake would need to avoid the issues that came from the reboot back in the mid-2000s.

5 Dark Seed

Heavily inspired by H.R. Giger, Dark Seed remains a trippy experience for any horror fan. However, the digitized actors along with the live-action FMV sequences are filled to the brim with awkwardness.

That’s not even counting the dialogue and voice acting which are so cheesy, one could make a pizza out of them. The point and click mystery element is still fun and challenging along with great artwork for the dark dimension. Dark Seed just needs a fresh coat of paint to fix everything.

4 Alan Wake

Shadow monsters and a Stephen King-esque protagonist, Alan Wake was a surprise gem of the late-2000s. It was unique for its time and provided as many chills as it did challenge. Alan Wake was also a very different beast when it came to survival horror.

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It wasn’t just simply kill the enemies or run from them, and the light and shadow mechanics really work both then and now. So, why remake it? With ray-tracing and the graphics gamers are getting with the next-generation, the light and shadow mechanics would look astounding.

3 Silent Hill

How is this not a thing yet? Yes, Konami has become infamous for their poor choices as of late. However, even someone who has never played a video game in their lives could see the amount of money Konami would earn off remaking the Silent Hill franchise a la Resident Evil.

The original game’s gameplay is just as dated as the original Resident Evil. With a perspective like Silent Hill: Downpour but keep the same focus on horror, a remake would be brilliant! Also, it would be a great way to apologize after the Silent Hills debacle.

2 Dino Crisis

The same question must be asked: how is this not a thing? With the Jurassic World movies being a majorly profitable franchise as are the Resident Evil remakes, why not Dino Crisis? Fans have been asking for this since the reveal of the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Capcom is sitting on a gold mine. With the beautiful RE graphics engine, the dinosaurs in Dino Crisis would be pure nightmare fuel. Add the Resident Evil remake style of gameplay, and it would be an instant hit. Get to it, Capcom!

1 Dead Space

Mixing John Carpenter’s The Thing and Ridley Scott’s Alien into one, Dead Space is still an amazing horror game even today. The monsters are grotesque and horrifying, the locations are haunting, and the universe is fascinating.

Much like Alan Wake, it’s aged remarkably well, but there are fans who miss the franchise. With next-gen graphics, Dead Space could be even more terrifying to play. A remake could also lead to all three games being remade, with potential for a spin-off or new sequel if done properly.


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