Kimika Restaurant in New York City by Bespoke Only

Kimika Restaurant in New York City by Bespoke Only

Kimika is a new minimalist restaurant located in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City, designed by Bespoke Only. The design is a reinterpretation of quiet luxury with a restrained approach. The minimal yet luxurious space blends boldness and simplicity in a harmonious way.

The spaces consists of neutral and soft colors in order to create an intimate and subdued atmosphere. Moody and earthy tones are mixed with hues of rust and muddy terracotta to express the raw elements of the interior that were left purposefully exposed.

As described by the studio, “Capturing the characteristics of the restaurant’s home, Nolita, a unique blend of contemporary and grunge, we wanted to introduce a sensual fluidity that sits within its raw concrete surrounds. The goal is a space that harbors intimacy and provides a moment of stillness for the urban diners.”

Photography by Nicole Franzen. via: designmilk.

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