Experience a New Way of Sitting With the Citizen Chair

Experience a New Way of Sitting With the Citizen Chair

After years of ongoing exploration, Swiss furniture company Vitra and designer Konstantin Grcic have developed the Citizen lounge chair. Unconventional construction leads to a surprising new way of sitting with a dual purpose design that blends home and work.

The seat of the Citizen chair is suspended on three cables affixed to a steel frame that facilitates a swinging movement in all directions. The semicircular shape of the backrest ergonomically hugs the upper body, helping to prevent slouching. The cantilever structural frame of the chair is mounted on a swivel base for even more flexibility. Citizen is available in two versions: Citizen Highback and Citizen Lowback. The Highback has the presence of a lounge chair, while the Lowback can be arranged in groups.  The same material is used for both the seat and back, while the neck pillow may be chosen in a different color.

“Citizen combines familiar elements with an entirely new type of construction, which we developed together over many years. For me, it was a very enriching experience to devote so much time and attention to the development of a single idea,” says Konstantin Grcic.

Konstantin Grcic

To learn more about the Citizen chair, visit via: designmilk.

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