Corona Food Masks Portrait Series by hej studio

Corona Food Masks Portrait Series by hej studio

Hej studio, a multidisciplinary food branding and design studio based in Bregenz, Austria and Copenhagen, Denmark challenged themselves to create face masks that are more natural and pleasant than those we associate with hospitals and sterile environments.

“Working with food and design in our daily studio work, we got to think of the many foods that organically wrap around our faces, covering mouth and nose.”

After playing with cabbage, radicchio, and other conforming veggies, they created this striking Corona Food Masks portrait series. Obviously these food masks don’t protect against any virus but they do explore the impact of face masks on our social life from a food designer’s perspective and draw a friendlier image of the pandemic hopefully helping to convert those reluctant to wear face masks at all.

Photography by Felix Bereuter, Berri Productions.


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