10 years boijmans and thonik

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and thonik celebrated their anniversary in November 2016. Ten years ago they launched the new identity. It is a milestone that makes both parties proud. And instead of cake, thonik made a little animation.


 in 2005 thonik’s commission for a house style for the new Museum Marta Herford in Germany under the directorship of Jan Hoet represented a break with this late Modernist style. The studio began with the design and incorporation of the museum’s logo into its building, designed by Frank Gehry-a happy marriage of architecture and typography. While the logo itself is made up of a common typeface, Swift, with a subtle deviation in the notation of the name, the core of the museum’s graphic identity programme is the tricolour alphabet designed by thonik, the Dreiklang or Triad. This triad of cyan, grey and magenta refers to the museum’s three components: a museum of contemporary art and design; a centre of information with educational facilities; and a forum for the arts. The decorative typeface based upon three lines in three colours appears in constantly changing configurations in the presentation of the museum’s activities.

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