Pandemons By Artist Tania Falcao

Tânia Falcão is a part of the artist couple based in Portugal FalcaoLucas.she created  related to the pandemic the entire world is living and social isolation we are suffering.

“As artists we think it makes sense to react to the moment we are living and to share what we are feeling through the art we create.”- Tânia Falcão

Pandemons is a short animation about the virus that is sweeping the world and the social isolation keeping us apart. About how much this situation put everyone on their own island and how much fear and insecurity make us scream inside. About screaming with our mouths closed, a scream straight from the heart that only comes when we’re so scared we even fear to show it.

The animation was created in 3D Studio Max and After Effects.The music was created with Teenage Engineering’s OP1.

Music – “Boca Molhada” by Tony de MatosRemix, Art and Animation by FalcaoLucas

Hope you like it!

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