Oregon’s High Desert Residence By Hacker Architects

Overlooking the calming views of Bend, Oregon’s lush natural landscape, the High Desert Residence is the epitome of the perfect weekend home away from home. Designed by Hacker Architects as a respite from city living, High Desert Residence boasts of voluminous cubes of different sizes and a number of terraces and courtyards that allow residents to interact with the surrounding landscape.

Large glass openings, some spanning floor-to-ceiling, make appearances throughout the gray cedar-clad façade, allowing a healthy dose of natural light into the home; it also balances the family’s desire for privacy while offering visual contact to nature.

A calming minimalist aesthetic reigns inside the home. Muted autumn color palettes subtly complement the greyish cedar wood walls and light-toned floors. Tasteful contemporary furnishings complete this picture-perfect dwelling.

Photography © Jeremy Bittermann / JBSA for Hacker Architects h/t :

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