Drawing In Space : Incredible Floating Cities By David Moreno

David Moreno is a Barcelona-based artist creating floating cities using steel rods and piano wire. He (somewhat modestly) describes his work as “trying to draw sculptures,” and indeed there is a correlation between his practices of illustration and sculpture; he creates digital sketches of his work and then transfers them into mind-bending 3D forms. Whether mounted on a studio wall or hanging in a derelict room, Moreno’s sculptures capture the architectural beauty of buildings, as well as their collective energy, undulating together along the piano wires as rugged micro-atmospheres. Follow him on Instagram to view more.

David Moreno - obra nueva sculpture
David Moreno - stairs, sculpture
closeup David Moreno - stairs, sculpture

David Moreno - floating city
closeup of pink house, structure
David Moreno - standing sculpture
David Moreno - 3D Sketch
David Moreno - 3D Sketch circle
Images © David Moreno

Via Behance | Scene360

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