Fantastical and surrealistic world by artist Redmer Hoekstra

Redmer Hoekstra graduated in 2009 from the art academy in Zwolle as an artist an illustratior. He always loved alienation and fantasizing, daydreaming. As a child He all had theories about how the world worked and I managed to rediscover this at the academy and to incorporate it into his drawings.

Delving into philosophical thoughts about how the world works and how everything in it works, the artists Redmer unites unexpected elements into one whole. ” I play with the forms, the meanings and the functionality of the objects, from which new combinations arise. Often the result is something amazing , unusual and funny, with its strange logic, from a fantastical and surrealstic world,”  he describes his work.

To liven up his pencil and ink drawings, Hookstra uses shading and light. He tries to make them as realistic as possible. This is a time consuming technique. The creation fo each work takes from 32 to 40 hours.

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fantasticheskie risunki Hudozhnik Redmer Hukstra 0 1

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 1

fantasticheskie-figunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 3

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 4

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 5

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 6

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 7

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 8

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 9

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 10

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 12

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 15

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 16

fantasticheskie-figunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 17

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 18

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 20

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 21

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 22

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 23

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 24

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 25

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 26

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 27

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 28

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 29

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 30

fantasticheskie-figunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 31

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 32

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 33

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 35

fantasticheskie-figunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 39

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 40

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 36

fantasticheskie-risunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 13

fantasticheskie-figunki-Hudozhnik-Redmer-Hukstra 14

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