Intersection of fashion and art

Matteo Giuseppe Pani is a multidisciplinary Sardinian designer  worker in New York  and working at Sagmeister & Walsh. Before moving to New York Matteo has worked at BBDO, Milan, R/GA and Winkreative, London. He is particularly intrested in branding, patterns, fashion and digital illustration. His design is inspired by the Sardinian culture.

Project : Aishti

The Aishti Foundation is a 40,000 sq foot exhibition space in Jalel-Dib, a short drive up the Mediterranean coast from downtown Beirut. The foundation building will showcase works from Salame’s 2,000 strong collection as well as variety of high end luxury retail shops. To celebrate the opeining of The Foundation, Tony Salame asked us to conceptualize and design a campaign around the intersection of fashion and art, while also highlighting its location by the sea side.

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