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Alonsa Guevara is a Brooklyn based artist. Her paintings blur the lines between fantasy and reality while celebrating the connection between humankind and nature. A big part of her inspiration derives from her childhood spent living in the Ecuadorian rain forest with her family, growing up surrounded by tropical landscapes and a diverse wildlife.
Alonsa received her BFA from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in 2009 and moved to New York in 2011. She awarded the Elizabeth Green-shields Grant in 2013 while being at the MFA Program of the New York Academy of Art, and after graduating she was granted the Academy’s Fellowship award 2015.
Art is important. It’s been the focus and passion of my life. Through the marking art series I ve been able to share that passion with the world. If the painting dosen’t make wonder of try to find a mystery or when a person just looks at something and it’s too easy to understand or it doesn’t make you feel something in your heart, of course it’s not successful, Says Alonsa.
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