Ruben Fuentes draws masterful serene ink landscapes

Ruben Fuentes, painter and art teacher. A s professional artist he works with Galerie Felli and Galerie Dumonteil( New York, Paris, Shanghai). He lives and works in Paris, France. He teaches drawing, painting and sumi-e.
Ruben Fuentes creates euphoric and surreal ink landscapes that serve as an admiration of nature as well as a quest within a meditative and serene space. Fuentes, inspired by the lush greenery of his homeland, uses his work as a means to sympathize and glorify ” all ecosystems of our planet.” He greatly uses Chinese shan shui ink drawings as an influence methodically, aesthetically, and philosophically. Shan shui works are known for there beautifully detailed yet simultaneous almost mystical, abstract and dream like quality.

Fuentes believes that art acts as a means of self reflection, and thus, creating art allows one to practice and improve on one’s ethical behavior and cognitive self. Therefore, the act of creating art is simultaneous, in a sense, to the act of mediation.
Within the statement of his series titled Mind Landscapes, Fuentes states that he tries ” to represent in my art works an inner strength, a cosmological and tell-uric force withing us that transcends the duality of matter and spirit. The practice of Zen, along with a worship of mother earth and the invocation of vital forces in nature, inherited from the past of the native Cubans, Afro – Cuban culture, as well as Chinese Taoism, mark the center of my latest works.”

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