3D Printed Porcelain
Inspired by the shapes created when yogurt is eaten with a spoon, the Carved Bowl incorporates an elegance and sophistication that will elevate any situation. Its partitions allow the user to easily compartmentalize their favorite belongings.


Founded in 2012 by architect and designer Jordi López Aguiló, Kutarq Studio deftly explores diverse disciplines, with clients from around the world.
Spanning from furniture to lighting to interior design to architecture, Jordi’s projects are not contained to a single discipline. His process, honed over years of working, emphasizes both material and in-depth research. Others have taken note of the results of these efforts, and Jordi’s work has been exhibited internationally; including at Paris Design Week, Milan Design Week and the Stockholm Furniture Fair, to name a few.
Kutarq - OTHR_50-50_2560x1890_03.jpg
Kutarq - OTHR_50-50_2560x1890_02.jpg
Kutarq - OTHR_50-50_2560x1890_w04.jpg
Kutarq - OTHR_PDP_2560x1164_04.jpg
Kutarq - OTHR_PDP_2560x1164_03.jpg
Kutarq - OTHR_50-50_2560x1890_05.jpg

I love the simple design of this jewelry tray. Each item gets their own ‘compartment’. Beautiful.

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