If You Love Star Wars & Insects You’ll Be In Heaven Right Now

Ingenious British illustrator Richard Wilkinson is the talented individual behind these Star Wars insect hybrids. Using some of the most loved and recognisable Star Wars characters, he seamlessly blends their iconic markings and features into his anatomical drawings of imaginary insects.

It’s not the first time that Wilkinson has tried he hand at anatomical drawings, having previously been commissioned to create detailed drawings for Intelligent Life Magazine and New Scientist.

Some are instantly obvious, such as the amusingly named ‘Roboduobus Deoduobus’ which sees R2-D2 reimagined into beetle form. Others might take a few seconds for you to decipher, but all of them are superbly illustrated and meticulously detailed.

You’ll be pleased to know that these are just a small selection from an upcoming book he’s working on titled ‘Arthropoda Iconicus Volume I’. Not only will it included further Star Wars characters but also numerous other pop culture collaborations including Pokemon, Disney and Marvel.

Whilst there’s no release date set just yet, many of the artworks below are available as limited edition prints through Wilkinson’s online store. Head here to order one or two, but be quick they won’t last long!

Via Richard Wilkinson

If You Love Star Wars & Insects You’ll Be In Heaven Right Now

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